How It Started

In 2015 we moved to Denver, Colorado for a career opportunity we couldn’t pass up. We both love to explore new places, so we packed up our New York City lives and headed for the mountains. We eventually returned to New York with a deepened love of the outdoors, an appreciation for small-batch beer and cider, and a three-legged Pomeranian. So it was a huge success. 

Amidst the craft brewing scene in Denver was also a lesser known drink – I’m of course talking about hard cider. We never tasted anything quite like it. Instead of the sweet, flavored, headache-inducing cider most commonly found at bars this was subtle, light, dry, and effervescent. Lighter than beer, less boozy than wine, we thought “we could drink buckets of this stuff!” And indeed we did.

Not content to just consume vast quantities of the delicious hard ciders we encountered, we wanted to understand how this cider differed from what we were familiar with. And the best way to understand something is to do it yourself. So in October 2015 we made our first homemade hard cider. It was terrible, but we were hooked on learning about this long-lost art. (Around the time of the American Revolution, the average colonial American drank 35 gallon of the stuff a year. It was common to drink hard cider every day, including for breakfast. #goals)